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Why the standard technical solutions cannot protect you

The problem:

The internet is fundamentally insecure. No code exists that can’t be cracked or firewall built that can’t be breached. Complying with industry standards, or those demanded by your clients, is simply not enough. Compliance cannot prepare you for new threats, which constantly multiply and mutate.

Which means:

Defending your business must be a dynamic, pro active activity, sufficiently adaptive to allow your users in, but sufficiently robust to keep threats out. An intelligent security approach is needed to help predict and pre-empt risk to stay ahead of the attacker.

RJD’s CyCURE® software tool does just this. It has been developed with and for UK Government to help both public and private organisations develop and deploy security and resilience capabilities. CyCURE® prioritises and defends enterprises against threats to your business, and helps you to put into place appropriate solutions while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

CyCURE® will help you to stay ahead of the threat by understanding the interconnected vulnerabilities of your People, Processes and Technology. This allows you to pro-actively anticipate, contain and neutralise attacks and keep threats away from your vital strategic resources. To enable your business to continue despite the mounting cyber and resilience menace.

RJD has an outstanding track record of delivering effective security and resilience solutions at any scale, anywhere.

RJD Technology. Ensuring Enterprise Resilience.