RJD Resilience and Evidence Based Decision Making Toolsets

Companies and organisations face a fast moving world of uncertainty where the ability to exploit information is essential to business success.  The need to protect key information and capabilities within the company is an important as part of company resilience. Making decisions on the right – rather than available – information is vital to avoid costly failure; to avoid ‘group think’, this must be supported by the ability of staff to challenge outcomes and investigate alternative solutions.

So …….

  • Do your systems provide you with the right information to run and protect your business effectively?
  • Would you have made better business decision if you could access and analyse validated information quickly and reliably?
  • Can you harness the deep knowledge and experience within your organisation to improve your business understanding?
  • Are you able to make appropriate balance of investment trade-offs between resilience and risk?

Addressing Key Issues

RJD has addressed these issues as part of internally funded research and subsequent contracts with the UK MOD and wider National Security community. Charged with National defence, these highly demanding and knowledgeable clients have a resultant suite of tools that set the benchmark for evidence based decision making, in-depth cyber security and wider resilience.

The research is based on a suite of modelling tools, within an overarching system engineering approach, giving it both discipline and structure.

The methodologies whilst rigorous can be largely automated and rescalable, with investment determined by the size of the target enterprise / systems, the level of output detail necessary and timescale constraints.  The outputs are clearly visualised with the ability to model the effectiveness of potential remedial measures to reduce risk and enhance performance.

From our research we have produced a suite of targeted tool sets that have already been successfully applied:

  • Amalgamated Risk Tool: An effectiveness and resilience tool set to aid decision making in operational and business scenarios.
  • Cyber Dashboard: A configurable dashboard to display the cyber resilience of a business with the ability to drill down to the supporting detailed model if required. This is available to Government customers as a service on the G-Cloud 10 framework.
  • EAMS: Building a detailed understanding of an enterprise and evaluating its weaknesses, allowing for instance pre-emptive defence.

The approach described above provides a step change in insight, based on hard data, consistent analysis and effective presentation, supporting informed decision making up to Board Level.  The return on investment is considerable when the modest cost of our services is compared with the business benefits obtained.

Cyber Insight:

Why the standard technical solutions cannot protect you….

The Problem:

The internet is fundamentally insecure. No code exists that can’t be cracked or firewall built that can’t be breached. Complying with industry standards, or those demanded by your clients, is simply not enough. Compliance cannot prepare you for new threats, which constantly multiply and mutate.

Which means:

Defending your business must be a dynamic, pro active activity, sufficiently adaptive to allow your users in, but sufficiently robust to keep threats out. An intelligent security approach is needed to help predict and pre-empt risk to stay ahead of the attacker.

RJD’s CyCURE® software tool does just this. It has been developed for UK Government and can be used to help both public and private organisations develop and deploy security and resilience capabilities. CyCURE® prioritises and defends enterprises against threats to your business, and helps you to put into place appropriate solutions while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

CyCURE® will help you to stay ahead of the threat by understanding the interconnected vulnerabilities of your People, Processes and Technology. This allows you to pro-actively anticipate, contain and neutralise attacks and keep threats away from your vital strategic resources. To enable your business to continue despite the mounting cyber and resilience menace.

RJD has an outstanding track record of delivering effective security and resilience solutions.