Do you need more robust business decision making?

RJD can help analyse your data. Services include: business modelling, management reporting, data analytics, model audit, training.

Decisions typically involve choosing from a range of options, and a process of considering their associated benefits, disadvantages and uncertainties. Systematic and structured decision-making is particularly important for complex decisions concerning strategy and optimisation where both the inputs and the outcomes appear uncertain. RJD provide expertise and experience to help organisations make key decisions with confidence.

RJD can make a difference, designing decision processes that take account of the relevant factors, from organisational requirements through to technical uncertainties, conflicting information, and competing demands from stakeholders. Decision support consultants combine best practice in stakeholder engagement and meeting facilitation with in-depth knowledge of the underlying technical issues, in order to apply a data to decisions philosophy that goes beyond what can be achieved by facilitation expertise alone.

Our experience emphasises the benefit of following structured and systematic decision analysis approaches in identifying the key factors that differentiate options. These provide the basis for developing the logic that supports and justifies the decision.

RJD is able to provide valuable insights for complex decisions, where the evidence base is highly uncertain, incomplete, conflicting or only partially relevant, through decision modelling approaches. This includes evidence based decision making support logic that is derived from enterprise architecture by our use of the Sparx EA software. RJD also has capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other areas of operational research, which provides flexibility in how to best support the decision-making processes.

RJD supports organisations in the following areas:

-Systems Engineering

-Software Engineering

-Performance Modelling

-Cyber Vulnerability analysis and mitigation

-Information Assurance

-Requirements Elicitation

-Risk and Resilience assessment

-Human Factors & Training