Enterprise Architecture is a valuable tool that provides a holistic map of the systems comprising an organisation. This includes its; infrastructure, data flows, processes and behaviours.

It can be used as; a diagnostic tool for identifying the source of problems, a tool for testing future eventualities and therefore building resilience and for strategic decision making linking the micro components of a system to the macro organisational goals.

Using an enterprise architecture model allows an organisation to build its IT systems around the business function, not visa versa.

RJD uses an Enterprise Architecture application produced by Sparx Systems Pty Ltd and are proud to be one of the UK value-added re-sellers of this software. If you want to see examples of what RJD has achieved with Sparx EA click on the link below.

The failure to align and integrate an organisation business goals with IT systems is a growing issue, hampering many companies in their strategic development. Constructing integrated enterprise architecture models significantly reduces the complexity of this problem. A variety of architectural domains are commonly established for which architects use their own modelling and visualisation techniques. RJD has a well-established clearly defined and, above all, successful Method and Convention which has been applied and proven in a number of diverse and unrelated business disciplines.

One of the key aspects of enterprise architecture in general and data modelling in particular are the issues of scope and governance. RJD have extensive experience in working with its customers to define and bound the problems being addressed. This results in an efficient service that quickly identifies and meets the clients needs.