Systems Modelling

Systems modelling is the interdisciplinary study into the use of models to conceptualise and construct systems in business and IT development. RJD specialises in providing insight by using systems modelling to discover the underlying behaviours of systems and then to communicate desired structures.

Applying Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture provides a holistic map of the organisation, including the information and systems that support it. RJD have had significant success in exploiting enterprise architecture as a diagnostic tool for identifying problems, vulnerabilities and threats in support of strategic decision making.

Decision Support Consultancy

RJD can help analyse your data to support more robust business decision making. Our decision support consultants combine best practice in stakeholder engagement and meeting facilitation, with in-depth knowledge of underlying technical issues, in order to apply a data-to-decision philosophy that goes beyond what can be achieved by facilitation expertise alone.

Technical Support to Defence Acquisition

RJD have extensive experience in supporting UK Ministry of Defence and the wider Defence sector with technical aspects of experimentation, capability development and procurement. RJD employ a unique pool of highly qualified and proven domain experts.