Turning Ideas into Solutions

Adds value from a customer’s perspective. Very simply put, innovation is about staying relevant.

We are in a time of unprecedented change, as a result, what may have helped your organisation be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of failure in the future. Companies need to adapt and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of your clients. Companies sometimes lack focus in their discussions on innovation. Often you are experiencing an urgent need for something new, fuelled by a business challenge – a new competitor may have entered the market; revenues may have decreased dramatically or a big contract has been lost – working with you, we will help you improve your innovative culture. As an example; one essential point is often missed at the start of any intervention: innovation ideas for what? That’s the question! RJD will work with you to focus your innovation efforts, ensuring you are more productive.

RJD has worked with the Ministry of Defence since 2002, with a particular focus on Intelligence and Information Systems. In recent years, we have also supported other Government departments in the secure aspects of their business. RJD additionally has experience of supporting NATO and the European Defence Agency.

Building from Successes

In supporting our government clients, RJD has developed versions of our methods and tools that are tuned to meet the business needs of our commercial clients. In the Oil and Gas sector we have undertaken a cyber vulnerability assessment for a major North Sea production platform that has, accrued from their underlying information and operational control systems, information that has enabled the Operations team to understand and introduce innovative ideas that address cyber risks. Specifically, this analysis has identified how a coordinated set of changes to personnel training, processes and system configuration would greatly reduce the risk of a cyber attack affecting production.

Our expertise covers many aspects of typical projects including:

  • Business/investment case preparation

  • Requirements capture, validation and verification

  • Information Security design and assurance, including cyber risk assessment

  • Cost estimating

  • Identification of potential solution options

  • System level testing and acceptance

RJD is a global partner of Sparx Systems and a Value Added Reseller of all Sparx products.