Defence is often complex, National Security more so, and War is unimaginably complicated. In response, RJD provides systems engineering support to bring evidence based clarity from such complexity. We do this through our team’s deep expertise coupled with the development of proven innovative toolsets and models to surface the hidden inter-dependencies between people, processes, technology, and data. Our customers include both the MoD and the security agencies where our deep specialist knowledge is brought to bear in the intelligence (ISR) and command (C4) spheres across the Joint and Single Service domains. We also bring this approach into our wider Acquisition Support services.

Many problems are seemingly intractable and have lurked unresolved for years. To break this impasse we bring innovative approaches and technologies to the fore. Our success with our customers has resulted in advances in such topics as cyber security, targeting, machine learning/AI, and spectrum dominance in the contested electromagnetic environment (CEME). The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Joint Force Command (JFC) & the Single Services (Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army) are valued customers for this work.

In warfare, resilience is a vital commodity. Detailed system level understandings are necessary to grasp the true impacts of the threat and how these may be best removed or mitigated. Our innovative modelling and toolsets allow you to build a holistic understanding of your enterprise and thence supportable appreciation about the full impact of attacks and events on your key outputs.

Our services are available through GCloud.

RJD is a value added re-seller of Sparx Enterprise Architect software. This software underpins much of our systems engineering work.

Providing deep expertise and innovation to Defence and Security.

RJD is recognised for its long and deep experience of the military intelligence and surveillance areas. This is complemented by our track record in the wider National Security arena.