RJD Technology Ltd. deliver Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) Training Courses, Workshops and Consultancy

As a Sparx ‘Value Added Re-Seller’, RJD Technology Ltd. provides workshops and training courses in the use of Enterprise Architect for model-driven business process management and systems engineering. All RJD Technology Ltd. development courses use Enterprise Architect hands-on for the exercises, or teach the use of Enterprise Architect directly.

Should the content of any Enterprise Architect training course or workshop not fit your exact requirements, then RJD can create a custom training course or workshop for you.

Enterprise Architect Model Development Workshops

Even with formal training in the modelling language it can be daunting to have to start a model of your own business or system in a sophisticated modelling tool like Enterprise Architect. Having an experienced consultant with you for the first few days as you develop the initial shape of your model can be very reassuring and make sure that your work gets off to a flying start.

While Enterprise Architect basics are intuitive to experienced Modelers; for complex business models, time is spent explaining how to perform the exercise, focusing on the detail of the modelling to be undertaken rather than how to do it with any particular tool. Candidates need understanding about techniques for using an appropriate modelling tool rather than just a drawing package, in order to understand the structure of the model and how to create and maintain it. This would be missed with paper-based exercises.

With RJD Technology Ltd. Model Development Training you have your consultant on-site guiding you through each step of the initial model development in a facilitated workshop environment. The consultant will teach you how to use Enterprise Architect to develop a ‘business process management’ and/or ‘systems engineering’ Model and to maintain this in a multi-user change-managed environment.

RJD Technology Ltd. Trainers are experts in Enterprise Architect and UML, with training materials to teach any combination of these technologies. Based in the UK, RJD Technology Ltd. trainers can provide live onsite training sessions for groups of between 1 and 6 delegates:

  • Ideal cost-effective solution for individuals requiring 1 to 1 training
  • Get trained in the comfort of your own office (or home)
  • Delegates receive a full set of printed slides and notes

Trainers teach theory using a combination of PowerPoint slides, handbooks and Enterprise Architect demonstrations. Exercises are then allocated for delegates to complete. Candidates will need access to a PC or laptop running Enterprise Architect

Each course, in addition to teaching a modelling notation, includes step-by-step instructions in how to use Enterprise Architect to build the relevant diagrams, set properties, connect elements, etc. At key intervals hands-on exercises are conducted to ensure the trainees are comfortable with the practical aspects of the modelling tasks. Core features of Enterprise Architect such as repository organisation, documentation generation, model searches and base-lining are covered. Optionally more advanced tool features such version control, security, database schema generation and model-to-model transformations can be included in the curriculum.

The training material is based on the latest released version of Enterprise Architect and any course curriculum can be customised to satisfy your specific needs!

Some of the EA specific skills Candidates can learn on a course using Enterprise Architect:

  • The basics and the necessary detail of the use of Enterprise Architect
  • How to generate and maintain documents from the different parts of the model
  • How to link the model with externally maintained documents and data
  • How to model requirements and make them traceable all the way through the model to code
  • How to model tests and relate them to requirements, components and code
  • How to use the tool in a multi-user environment integrated with a version control system
  • How to use the project management capabilities available within Enterprise Architect

Customised Sparx Deployment and Guidance

For over a decade RJD Technology Ltd. has maintained focus on delivering complex programs and Enterprise Architecture using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, and on teaching others to do the same.

RJD offers custom deployment planning and execution of the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool, our professional services team can build a scope of work specific to your organisation project requirements. RJD’s Sparx experts can also remotely guide organisations in the planning and installation of Sparx as part of business transformation and process improvement initiatives.

Sparx Systems EA access

You do not have to buy a tool before the course. Enterprise Architect has a fully functional 30 day evaluation version you can download and use for the course. Even if you eventually choose to buy a different tool it is important to use a tool for the exercises in order to learn how to create and manage a complex model. Using a tool on the course will help you to understand what is required of the tool that you eventually purchase and so to formulate evaluation criteria.

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Should the content of any Enterprise Architect workshop training course not fit your exact requirements, then RJD Ltd can create a custom course for you. Please either email or call us to discuss your particular needs.

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