Key Customers:

  • UK MoD
  • OGD(CNI)
  • Commercial Sector

Key Partners:

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CyCURE® Cyber & Resilience Analysis Toolset

CyCURE® presents a logical approach to identify the cyber vulnerabilities to the business enterprise. Further scrutiny of the vulnerabilities, and their operating contexts, allows the risk that these vulnerabilities present to their business to be quantified, supporting business leaders to make calibrated decisions.

Benefits to end user:

  • Conviction that your cyber risks are identified & mapped against the specific impact they pose to your business outcomes
  • Confidence that your business can incorporate change rapidly, adapting to the business environment without introducing unknown risks
  • Assurance that your organisation is regulatory compliant & is sufficiently resilient in a hostile and constantly evolving cyber-environment
  • Provides a framework for prioritising cyber defensive investments


  • Exposes the dependencies within the organisation on People and Technologies when generating outputs
  • Enables technical security analysts to focus on areas of highest return for cyber defences
  • Provides a quality assured corporate knowledge repository to underpin cyber defence and business continuity

Discriminators / USP

  • CyCURE® imposes structure on disparate and incomplete data exposing knowledge gaps and data anomalies
  • Flexible and responsive SME with more than 15 years experience in the Security Sector
  • Valuable addition to offerings from technical security businesses


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2018
  • Cyber Essentials Plus