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Organisational and Cyber Security are key buzz words regularly used in today’s modern commercial environment, but what do they actually mean? And what can you actually do?

Despite the claims of many there is no single answer that will address and protect against these threats all of the time and every time.  The Threat Actors are diverse and clever, their approaches range from the mischievous to the malicious – and they are evolving all of the time.  There are a range of protections and processes that can be employed to resolve specific types or instances of attack; and RJD Technology is experienced in providing advice about the best current ways to address these.

However, it is our corporate experience that the best defence is to have a clear understanding about the location and accessibility to potential weaknesses existing in all organisational structures, the attack vectors that might be employed to capitalise on these and the risk level associated with each vulnerability. This enables you to make informed managerial decisions about where to expend time, effort and capital on the defence of your business.

RJD Technology have designed and built the CyCURE® business tool to identify these aspects in a robust and repeatable manner, affording you verified and provable information on which to base informed decision making.  Forewarned is Forearmed – If you know where an attack will happen, you can plan appropriately.

The Business Challenge

Digitised systems are inextricably integrated into every aspect of the operations and administration of industry; from recruitment to regulatory compliance.  Any and all of these systems, including their human operators, offer very real potential vulnerabilities, both to focussed organisational/cyber-attack and to the threat posed by malware already in existence throughout the web. Organisational/cyber security is complex, it is all-pervasive, but it is inextricably linked to running a commercial business.  System security is just a part of the wider resilience of your business and, as such, it is inherently about the day-to-day core responsibility of Business Leaders – Business Risk Management. At RJD we understand that resources are never unlimited and security is always a balance between operational efficacy and the taking of acceptable risk.  In order to make those decisions, Business Leaders must fully and properly understand what risks they are accepting; and that now should include system risk.

RJD’s CyCURE® Response

The RJD CyCURE® approach offers the necessary specialist resilience support to your Business. Exploiting Sparx EA commercial software product, with custom scripts tailored to the specific issues of concern to each client, underlying governance and data management is common across all instances of the CyCURE® approach.  Adoption of the CyCURE® approach does not require an organisation to adopt a strict documentation regime, or new ways of working.

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