WordPress Updates

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CyCURE Business Tool

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Commercial Landscape Organisational and Cyber Security are key buzz words regularly used in today’s modern commercial environment, but what do they actually mean? And what can you actually do? Despite the claims of many there is no single answer that will address and protect against these threats all of the time and every time.  The

RJD awarded additional JFIG contract

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RJD awarded additional support contract for Joint Forces Intelligence Group (JFIG)   RJD has won a further  contract to build enhancement and added robustness into the existing RJD work for JFIG,  providing additional analytical support services to the Joint Forces Intelligence Group. JFIG delivers intelligence, information, services and force elements to defence. RJD has had its support contract

Dstl RCloud 3 Research Framework

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RJD has been accepted for the Dstl RCloud 3 Research Framework. RJD is always interested in teaming with other innovative companies for RCloud opportunities. Are you interested? If you are, please contact us for a confidential discussion. Additionally RJD is now a Crown Commercial DOS3 Framework supplier.

RJD support to techUK

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RJD Managing Director - Jonathan Cunnison - has been re-elected to the techUK Defence Security Board. RJD Strategy Director - Russell Searle - has been re-elected as Vice-Chairman of the techUK Information Superiority Council. These two appointments demonstrate RJD's continuing drive to engage with and inform the techUK influence in the UK's technological commercial market.