Wyton Volunteer Band  Park Run 14 July 2018

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RJD is proud to be a sponsor in conjunction with 'Level 7 Expertise' ( for the Wyton Volunteer Band  Park Run on 14th July 2018. This volunteer band will be undertaking a 5K 'Park Run' alongside members of the famous Military Wives choir and representatives of the station in order to raise money in support

RJD New website goes live

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RJD today released a new and simplified website for our customers. It is our intention to make it easier for you to understand our work and to contact us for more information.  We hope that you will enjoy the experience of using this new website and would welcome any creative criticism toward improvements.

RJD announces the launch of its RESEArch© suite of products.

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Over the past four years, RJD has developed a number of system engineering architectural methodologies to assist the national security community to better understand, analyse and manage complex, multi-dimensional problems. The RJD Evolutionary Systems Engineering and Architecture Model, or RESEArch© as it is known, builds a scalable, repeatable and multi-dimensional representation of the customer’s problem

RJD becomes a Crown Commercial Service Supplier for G Cloud 9 and DOS (Digital Outcomes and Specialist) Services.

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RJD has been awarded CCS Supplier status by the Cabinet Office to supply its suite of Cyber Security, Resilience and Information Assurance solutions across the Public Sector. The award, announced earlier this week, will now allow all UK Government Departments to purchase RJD products and services within the G Cloud ‘Software as a Service’ and