RJD has a ‘client first’ culture that permeates our business relationships. We place great emphasis on behaviours that enhance client relationships beyond that of a legal contract. We ensure that we augment our clients’ business by delivering efficient solutions while remaining in the background unless called forward. This engenders a more effective engagement and trust relationship with our clients.

We are an agile business able to respond quickly and seamlessly to needs, short notice demands or changing circumstances. Our ‘can do’ attitude is particularly evident in delivery of demanding projects, where we will adjust project plans as required to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. This is vital behaviour where situations and requirements can, and do, change rapidly.

We actively avoid the delivery of shelf-ware. Our ethos is to drive system and capability improvements and sustainable through-life cost reduction.

Our people are the working face of our business and our contact with our clients. Their ability to establish lasting trust relationships with clients is critical to the success of RJD. We look to and invest in our people so that they can provide the best support for your future success.