RJD has been awarded CCS Supplier status by the Cabinet Office to supply its suite of Cyber Security, Resilience and Information Assurance solutions across the Public Sector.

The award, announced earlier this week, will now allow all UK Government Departments to purchase RJD products and services within the G Cloud ‘Software as a Service’ and ‘Specialist Cloud Services’ categories. Specific consultancy or bespoke requirements can now be purchased through the DOS Framework.

Due to the specialist nature of RJD work in the Defence and Security Sectors these products and services had previously only been available through restricted MoD and Home Office purchasing arrangements.

‘We feel this is a very positive step’ said Russell Searle, RJD’s Marketing Director ‘as it will enable a far wider audience to benefit from the extensive work that RJD has done with the MoD over the past 5 years in developing leading edge solutions to the rising Cyber and Information Assurance threat.